About Trent District Community First Responders

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Who we are

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Trent District Community First Responders were formed in May 2015 and support East Midlands Ambulance Service by attending 999 medical emergencies in the communities we serve. We currently have approximately 20 trained responders with more in training.

We rely on charitable donations to fund our life-saving medical equipment and are established as a Registered Charity (No.1165203).

We are volunteer-led with no paid staff or administrative costs. Our focus is on working in partnership with East Midlands Ambulance Service to provide excellent patient care.

Our team

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Our responders are volunteers and come from all walks of life. They juggle responder duties with family commitments and day-jobs and while some work in the medical profession most do not. The most important thing is that they are willing and able to spare some of their time to help their local communities at times of greatest need.

What we do

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Community First Responders are trained by the ambulance service and dedicate their free time to saving lives in their local community. We operate alongside the ambulance service and do not replace an ambulance response, travelling to incidents at normal road speeds.

We often respond to incidents in our own cars, rather than a liveried vehicle, so it is important that, if you call 999, you help us to help you.

  • Ask someone to keep a look out for help arriving; this may not be with blue lights flashing or sirens sounding.
  • Check that your house name or number is clearly visible from the road, especially on a dark night.

If you dial 999, the ambulance service will assess the nature of the incident and decide upon the most appropriate resource. For the most serious calls, known as RED1, RED2 and GREEN1 and GREEN2, a face-to-face response from an ambulance clinician is required. This could be a fast response vehicle or a double crewed ambulance. In addition, a Community First Responder may be sent if one is available and is closer to the incident than the nearest ambulance resource.

Want to know more?

How 999 calls are dealt with. You can learn more about how the ambulance service responds to your 999 calls follow this link to the EMAS website.

More about Community First Responders. For more detailed information on how we help as Community First Responders go to the what does a CFR do page

We are reliant on your generosity to fund our work. If you like to know more about how to work with us or support us financially please visit the support us page.

Support Us

There are several ways to support us, please visit the support us page for more information

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We know that our friends and supporters like to keep up-to-date regarding our work. News updates are provided whenever we secure funding or attend notable incidents.

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